5 lighting trends of 2023 cannot be ignored for modern living space

Playing an indispensable role in creating a mark for each space, light has become more focused over time to complete the living space. To get yourself a valuable – effective lighting solution, let’s explore the 2023 lighting trends with Lumi Lighting.

1. Environmental protection lighting

Using products made from environmentally safe materials is being prioritised, as users are gradually becoming more aware of resource protection. This will be an important criterion in choosing lighting devices for the space.

Consumers tend to choose products made of well-qualified, durable materials that are strictly manufactured to reduce the possibility of wear and tear over time. This also reduces the amount of waste released into the environment. Recently, LED lights with low energy consumption and long service life are the choice to take the throne in every project. Changing user needs require lighting equipment to be carefully censored with strict and transparent standards before being delivered to customers.

Người tiêu dùng có xu hướng lựa chọn đèn được kiểm duyệt kỹ càng

Consumers tend to choose carefully censored lightsAlong with that, the trend of using environmentally friendly lighting products has also led to an interest in handicraft industries – lights with natural materials such as wood, bamboo and rattan, sedge, etc. A part of consumers tend to experience lamp products made from raw materials to both protect the environment and give the living space a little charm of traditional materials. However, these lamps are quite “picky” in the interior, so they have not been widely used.

2. Maximizing natural light

The combination of natural and artificial light sources is essential in lighting design. In particular, natural light is prioritised to make the most of living space.

The abundant light source, available from the sun, has the ability to make the space more spacious, increasing the connection between the exterior and the interior. The use of natural light will be different in each living space. For the living room – the area needs to be airy, the light from the sun is often used to the fullest to create a feeling of spaciousness. However, with private spaces such as bedrooms, the right amount of natural light will create a sense of relaxation.

Tận dụng ánh sáng tự nhiên cho không gian phòng khách
Make the most of natural light in the living room

In addition to the aesthetics of the house, natural light is also prioritised in lighting design because it has the ability to improve mood and good for occupants’ health. Currently, most of the day we live and work in indoor spaces, causing the body’s daylight exposure rate to decrease significantly. Therefore, increasing natural light in living and working spaces becomes a top priority for architects as well as homeowners.

In some special cases where the area or location cannot use natural light, lighting design units will advise smart lighting solutions using HCL technology (human-centric lighting solutions). This will help ensure the best health and mood for the user as it closely simulates the sunlight’s cycle – which regulates the body’s natural circadian rhythms.

3. Minimalist but delicate

Minimalism has been popular in recent years, often referred to in interior and architectural designs. However, one of the top lighting trends today is also minimalist.

The current lighting design is no longer greedy, embracing, equipped with a lot of lights, instead it is a priority of minimalism in design, using a moderate amount of lights but still effective and delicate. This trend has always been popular because it not only helps to eliminate excess light exposure for well-lit areas, positions that do not need to be prominent; but also helps the light space become harmonious and airy and still has the necessary accents.

Thiết kế chiếu sáng tối giản nhưng hiệu quả, tinh tế
Minimalist but effective and sophisticated lighting design

Moreover, the minimalism trend is also reflected in the use of simple decorative lights, creating “just enough” accents for the space. No more stylish designs with complicated winding lines, decorative lights for the wall area or bathroom are much more compact and simple.

Đèn trang trí với thiết kế tối giản được ưu tiên sử dụng
Decorative lights with minimalist design are preferred

With this trend, homeowners prioritise the selection of designs and lighting equipment that are just enough to provide light for the space and accurately highlight the artistic details, creating a highlight for the house.

4. Towards smart lighting

Always aiming for convenience and modernity, smart lighting has become a popular trend in recent years. This system uses lighting devices that can sense and interact with the surrounding environment, with users and other smart devices.

Chiếu sáng thông minh
Smart lighting

When using a smart lighting system, you can easily control the lighting systems even when you are not at home, through the application on your smartphone. Moreover, smart lights also have the ability to combine with other smart home accessories such as smart speakers, motion sensors,… to create comfortable living scenarios. You can create different living contexts to suit you and your family’s mood or life activities. These can be mentioned as the dinner scenario with warm yellow light and multi-room audio playing soft music, or the security scenario with all lights on, the alarm speaker sounds continuously when the smart camera detects unauthorised entry.

With the penetration of technology into the lighting industry, smart lighting is popular and widely used. Lumi is also one of the leading companies providing smart lighting solutions. With the latest Lumi Lighting collection, customers have many choices from On Off, Smart Dimmable to Smart Tunable White series. Changing the colour temperature, spatial brightness to match the user’s mood is simpler than ever.

5. Personalized lighting

If in the past, consumers only needed to use simple light to help see objects clearly, today light has been likened to a “work of art”, helping homeowners express their personal impressions. Because, light plays a key role in shaping aesthetics and creating accents for living space.

The lighting design of the whole house is the clearest affirmation of the owner’s personality. Besides, the light also helps to highlight the homeowner’s favourite objects, cleverly but strongly reaffirming the impressions that they want to express. Thanks to the appropriate lighting arrangement, each area, each artistic corner in the living space will be utilised to evoke emotions in residents.

Ánh sáng tôn vinh chi tiết nghệ thuật, tạo dấu ấn cá nhân
Lighting honours artistic details, creating a personal imprint

Today, light has surpassed the usual application of “lighting”, considered as an artistic catalyst, not only bringing beauty to the overall house but also bringing emotional value to the owner.

For advice on the latest lighting solutions, catching up with lighting trends for modern living spaces, do not forget to contact Lumi Lighting. Our top experts will consult and design lighting for your own living space – Learn more about the Lumi Lighting collection here.

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