In architecture and interior design, light is considered as a catalyst for drawing attention to architectural details, enhancing the space’s aesthetic value, and evoking a wide range of feelings.

Lumi Lighting


Lumi Lighting


Light is not only a story of making things visible but also the fluctuations of emotions, the ups and downs of the mood, and putting on a “splendid look” to bring a new breath to the living space. The reasons why thousands of customers choose Lumi Lighting:

  •  150 distributors nationwide, quick installation support
  • 2-year warranty policy
  • Free lighting design consulation (2D, 3D)
  • Wide range of products, suitable for any architectural style
Lumi Image
Lumi Image

Product design that is suitable for any interior style

Basic yet opulent, the design of Lumi Lighting allows it to create one-of-a-kind visual effects in any architectural and interior style, and different experience space from living room to bedroom, garden or balcony.

Lumi Image

Products with a wide rage of types and designs

We offer users multiple choices with a wide range of products, from recessed lights to surface lights, from indoor to outdoor lighting, with timeless durability.

Lumi Image
Lumi Image

Realistic and sharp light

All Lumi Lighting products reach a CRI> 95 (color rendering index) with the use of cutting-edge production technology and precisely calculated technical parameters, helping to accurately reflect each interior and exterior detail and add depth to each living space.

Lumi Image

Smart and flexible lighting

Lumi Lighting products are easily upgraded to become smart lights when using Lumi’s driver. As a result, your living space will have a variety of creative and impressive lighting scenarios, and lighting will become a piece in a smarthome to help you fully experience all of your senses.

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