2*3W Spherical Outdoor Wall Light

  • Wattage: 2*3W
  • Beam angle: 30D
  • Dimension: 77*97*102mm
  • Color: Sand Black
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • LED Chip: Bridgelux
  • CCT: 3000K/4000K
  • CRI: >95
  • IP: 65
  • Average lifetime: >25000h
  • Driver: On-Off
  • Voltage: 220- 240VAC

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Product Description

1. 2*3W spherical outdoor wall light

Spherical outdoor wall lights are popular in lighting due to delicate and soft design, providing high lighting efficiency and helping to increase the aesthetics of the space. In particular, the light is prioritized for outdoor use because of its high IP65 water and dust resistance, allowing the light to work well in environments that are often exposed to rain, wind, and dust.

Đèn gắn tường ngoài trời hình cầu
2*3W spherical outdoor wall light

With the ability to illuminate from 2 sides, the light brings a unique visual effect to the lighting area, attracting the attention of viewers. The lamp body is designed in a delicate white color, so it is suitable for many types of spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

2. Applications of 2*3w spherical outdoor wall light

For residential buildings, spherical outdoor wall lights are often found in outdoor areas such as balconies, gates, and gardens. Not only has the effect of illuminating the necessary area at night, the light is also a necessary decoration to create accents for the outdoor space, giving an impression to guests coming. Besides, the light is also selected for interior spaces such as living rooms, corridors, depending on the aesthetic lighting needs of the homeowner.

Đèn gắn tường ngoài trời hình cầu được lắp cho không gian ngoại thất
Applications of 2*3w spherical outdoor wall light

With the sophisticated, compact design and high artistic lighting ability, besides residential space, outdoor wall lights are also popular in public works that need high aesthetics such as parks, museums, or resorts, hotels. The aesthetic lighting ability highlights the artistic details and decorative areas in the space, thereby creating a certain emotion for the guests.

Ứng dụng của đèn gắn tường ngoài trời hình cầu
An application of spherical outdoor wall light

Outdoor wall lights help create good visual effects, increase the aesthetics of space thanks to the high color rendering index CRI > 95, combined with 3000K/4000K color temperature to help light become realistic, sharp, perfect and protect the eyes. The light body also is meticulously manufactured from die-cast aluminum to help resist water, ensuring that the light works well outdoors and maintains the maximum life of the light.

Project using spherical outdoor wall light
Project using spherical outdoor wall light

3. Advantages of 2*3w spherical outdoor wall light

  • High aesthetics: Compact, simple design, modern but delicate and unique, suitable for any outdoor space
  • Durable, long life: The light housing is made of high-class aluminum alloy, which is resistant to corrosion, oxidation and good heat dissipation, making the product able to withstand harsh weather. In particular, the light has a lifespan of more than 25,000 hours with the number of times on/off more than 60,000 times.
  • Suitable for all interior styles: Due to its small and simple design, the light can match most interior styles from modern, contemporary, to neoclassical and classical
  • Good water resistance, dust resistance: IP65 water and dust resistance index, high durability, can be used in wet environments, dustproof, soft light, thereby ensuring safety for users and lifting long life of light
  • Eye protection: The application of advanced LED modern lighting technology gives your eyes a soothing experience with optimally diffused light.
  • High quality of light: Modern Bridgelux LED chip with high color rendering index CRI>95 and 3000K/4000K color temperature helps light become realistic and sharp
  • Easy to install outdoor space decoration application

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